A Very Blogger Christmas

Happy holidays to everyone, and thanks to Alex for nominating me! So apparently, there is this tag called a Very Blogger Christmas, which I’ve never heard of until today. Here are the rules:

  • answer all the questions
  • change a question you don’t like
  • nominate five people and let them know

I will change some questions, but not because I don’t like them. I’m just gonna pick them randomly. If I make any changes, I’ll signify the changes made with a strikethrough (crossing out words).

Who would take the best photos? Caitlin would. She takes great photos and makes cool films. I bet she’d make a film of the party too.

Who would be late to the party look the most glam? (I got that question from Meganqm1.) Giulia would look pretty glam. And swag. By the way, I keep saying the name as gi-ulia, pronouncing the G as in gills. It’s kinda pretty that way, but I think you pronounce it like Julia. Hmmm…

Who would keep everyone awake and happy sing the best renditions of Christmas carols? Jon Cozart, which rhymes with Mozart, because I love his Progressive Christmas Carols. He’s also a pretty cool singer.

Who would make the worst best Christmas jokes? Tamzen Temple. You should read her posts; they’re really funny.

Who would be the last one dancing? I have no clue. Maybe me. I do love to ballroom dance, and I used to take ballet for five years–since I was five up to when I was ten. Dancing is something I secretly love (but I suppose it’s not secret now since this post is public).

Who would be in charge of Christmas music? If we had to put on some soundtracks, it would be myteenagemadness, since I love her Christmas playlist. But otherwise, I wouldn’t want to put on soundtracks. I think it would be way cooler if we had actual musicians and singers.

Who would make the best snowman gingerbread man? The reason I crossed out snowman is that I’m not very familiar with snow. I have never experienced snow falling, and here in SoCal it doesn’t really snow. As for the gingerbread man, I think it would be Cassandra. I like the food posts on her blog.

Who is most likely to knock over the Christmas tree? I don’t think anyone would. I would bring in a modern Christmas tree (not a pine tree) cone, made of sturdy wire decorated with lights. It would be set on a very strong wood base and it would have a Nativity scene. If anyone tried to knock over the Christmas tree, they’d end up hurting themselves. And possibly denting the wire. And they’d fall in the Christmas tree cone.

Like Alex, my nominees are everyone I mentioned in my answers to the questions. Merry Christmas and happy holidays again!



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