What I’m Thankful For

I thought I’d also put this on here too. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Notes from the Female Odyssey

I haven’t been on in a long while. I don’t know; I suppose I really have been lacking motivation to blog. I think it’s because 2016 has just been such a bad year, I’ve been needing great amounts of time to process it all. There’s Brock Turner. Pulse. The millions of unconstitutional killings of Black men by police. Standing Rock. Oh, and who could forget the election of Donald Trump?

For many people, this Thanksgiving is going to be hard. There will be divided political opinions at dinner tables across America. (There are, already.) For me, at the surface of this, it almost feels inappropriate to celebrate the holiday because I have to consider all the bad events that have happened this year. (Even Thanksgiving itself has questionable origins; Native Americans see it as a Day of Mourning, the start of genocide and oppression by White people.)

Yet, in the midst…

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