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Things That Get Written About by Luna
This blog will only be active during November, as it is a NaBloPoMo/NaNoWriMo blog. In that case, you will not get to see any posts if it is not NaNoWriMo. I may post a little bit during NaNoEdMo if I succeed in writing a novel in a month. That said, please don’t wake the sleeping bear. 

Do You Hear the Battle Shouts of Angry Birds?:

This blog is all about games I like to play, whether on the iPad, Android Tablet, or on a board. 

Luna Cooler:
My Tumblr blog, filled with random things that catch my eye. 

Under Luna:
My Blogger blog. I emphasize art more. Like featuring artists and art blogs, and art journaling. 


Puzzle Baron’s Logic Puzzles username: lunaglacecooler
Please throw down the gauntlet on me; I’ll be happy to accept.

Figment username: Luna Cooler
Please read my stories, and I’ll read yours. 

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