New here? Read me!

My name is Luna Estelle Glacé Cooler. The literal translation for that is Moon Star Ice Cooler.  I think my name fits me perfectly, because the name has a weird meaning, and I am weird and unusual. What is an ice cooler doing up with the moon and stars? Huh? This is another reason that this name fits me, because I’m full of mystery, excitement, imagination, and thinking-outside-the-box. Though astronauts don’t release ice coolers out in the big wide universe, an ice cooler would be perfect dancing with the moon and stars. Ice coolers are supposed to keep things cold, and outer space is freezing. But then again, outer space will always be cold. So you don’t need an ice cooler to keep it cold. Why do you insist on letting an ice cooler dance with the moon and stars? The stars will be so hot that once the cooler gets near them they’re just gonna melt it down and set it burning. See what I mean? That’s how I like to roll, penetrating the ball with a knife until I get to the core, but I won’t stop there. Suppose I use a bread knife to penetrate the ball, but then once I get to the core I approach problems differently using a carving knife. I am a discoverer and a questioner. And I’m kinda like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, but she has another kind of originality altogether.

Another example of my quirkiness is that I believe people should start learning music by embracing all kinds of music, not just starting first with classical. Justin Bieber is a teen pop star, and back in Mozart’s time, classical music was pop music and Mozart was the Justin Bieber of the Classical Era! However, I’m getting a little tired of classical music, so I really want to fiddle Scottish/Irish music and American and Canadian fiddling, and I like to listen to the Ghostbusters theme song and sixties/seventies music. (Speaking of the sixties/seventies, I love their colorful clothes.) Other than that, I play pop songs by ear on the piano and violin, no matter how dumb people think the lyrics are. As you can see, I love diversity.

Speaking of diversity, I’m currently on an Art Revolution; embracing more kinds of art, such as collage, mixed media, music, and writing. I love writing. I also like to call myself a transnational-intersectional feminist. I love pouring over feminist books and writings, but identifying with feminism has been a bumpier road for me than other feminists, because while I so strongly believe in equality for all, I struggle to reconcile my Roman Catholic faith with feminism. Oftentimes Roman Catholic ideas clash with feminism, and it’s hard because many feminist writings never address people like me. But I still hang on to both, because a teaching they have in common is that humans are fundamentally equal in gender. That’s what the Imagination Igloo’s all about–it’s a journey of reflecting my own personality, accepting diversity, and examining and standing up for what I believe in. With added imagination.

19 thoughts on “New here? Read me!

        1. I play classical on the piano, but I am not sure you can call Debussy’s music classical. I am currently playing Golliwogg’s Cakewalk. On the violin, I play anything, from film to pop to jazz to classical. Pretty much anything I hear and like, I play on the violin.

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  1. […] Luna of Luna’s Imagination Igloo Luna believes in thinking out of the box. Even her own name says it! I love her for being artistic in all things possible and for not going with the norm. And did I say that she’s also a Filipina? Though not born here, I’m glad to have come across someone who’s not afraid to be different. […]


          1. Hehe! I know right. I should do an update blog post. I really underestimated how much time/work it would take. I’m in the process of getting it professionally edited and possible designed. I had a think about it and want to do it right to honour you all and get something good out there instead of rushing it. Hope that makes sense.


  2. Luna Cooler, I really liked your making your name the entry point for your About page. – It works nicely to draw in the reader and create interest in your writing. Congratulations! – Theresa (TJ)


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