The Creative Blogger Award

Thank you to fellow Luna for nominating me! As a nominee, I was given a choice between four blog awards. Since I’ve done the other three and I haven’t done this one yet, I decided to do this for variety.thatgentmark.png

The rules here are quite similar to any other blog award: post the rules, thank the nominator and link to their blog (already did that), share five facts about yourself, and nominate fifteen to twenty bloggers and link to them. You’re also supposed to notify them, but since I don’t want to comment on their blogs to notify, I’ll pingback to one of their pages so that they will be notified.

Now for the five facts!

  • I got an Instagram account! Please follow me.
  • I’m lithromantic (on the ace spectrum), which means that I can have romantic affections for someone but it doesn’t follow that I want them to be reciprocated. Some lithromantics are extremely uncomfortable with the idea of a crush being reciprocated, but I’m not. If a crush likes me back, that’s fine with me, but I would prefer not to pursue a romantic relationship, eh?
  • I sometimes draw for a cause (photo on the right).
  • I don’t speak Tagalog even though I’m ethnically Filipino because when I was younger, I felt like my culture wasn’t important. No one else was Filipino and there wasn’t really any use for Tagalog. I felt like I needed to assimilate as much as I could into being American. I regret this.
  • Until recently, I used to be a tad annoyed whenever someone would post about mental health, because there were always so many posts about it. The reason I’m not annoyed now is that I’ve got anxiety.

I’m just gonna nominate one, and that’s Lydia from Ocean of myths!



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