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Barbie has often been criticised for unrealistic body images, but they are starting to make a difference. Starting today Mattel sells ‘tall’, ‘petite’ and ‘curvy’ dolls, not only showing girls that they can have any career they want, from scientist to designer to president to chef, but also that they can have any body they want.

Positive body image is so important. If you teach young girls from the start that they need to be as skinny as they can be, what kind of problems will they face when they are older? Not to mention the bullying that negative body images can lead to.

I also really love what Mattel has written on the official Barbie website:

This is just the beginning. From offering products that feature more empowering and imaginative roles to partnering with best in class role models, we believe in girls and their limitless potential. 

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3 thoughts on “#TheDollEvolves

  1. Hi Luna! I just found your blog through the other Luna’s :). Do you have an archives page where I can go and read some of your old posts?


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