Dreams for 2016

Some of my hopes for 2016 are farfetched, I know, and out of my control. But I still pray for them to happen, because they did not happen in 2015. Here they are, attainable and unattainable:

  • Some of my friends are not speaking to each other, and I know this isn’t my business to interfere, but I hope they will make amends. I’d like to see my friends for once, all standing hand in hand…
  • I want to get a typewriter. Also a quill and inkwell with parchment. Old school writing!
  • I need to assert myself better without distancing myself from people.
  • Nowadays, most of what we hear on the news consists of the latest updates on terrorist groups. I want these groups to disband and turn into good people, as well as no more Islamophobia.
  • Donald Trump being disqualified from running for President. He says we’re gonna build a wall to keep Mexicans out. That plan was already put into action during the Qin Dynasty, and the Huns still invaded China.
  • Me publishing my NaNoWriMo novel!
  • Someone to guest post on the Imagination Igloo.

17 thoughts on “Dreams for 2016

  1. Getting a typewriter would be cool! My sister has a quill and a bottle of ink. One of her old co-workers made it for her when she found out she was pursuing a writing career. She doesn’t use it, though. She has it displayed so not to ruin it. Happy New Year!


  2. These are the best resolutions! I love the one about terrorism and there is a special website, just type buy type writers into Google, that repair and restore vintage typewriters, I was going to buy one until I realized I was way too poor!


    1. These aren’t really resolutions–this is just a random collection of things I want to happen in 2016. But I sorta want an electric typewriter because with the manual ones, it’s hard to backspace letters if you make a mistake.

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  3. Good luck with your goals! I had wanted a typewriter for months and months and I finally got one this Christmas- I was so happy! Good luck on your hunt for one! And well done for completing Nanowrimo, I didnt make it 😉


      1. It was a manual one, and my friend got it for me! I’m pretty sure she got it off ebay- there at tonnes on there but not all are working!


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