The Creatives’ Project: Challenge 1

A response to this page.


My name is Luna Estelle Glacé Cooler. Call me Luna.

I think of myself as a transnational-intersectional egalitarian second generation Filipina Catholic feminist writer and musician.

I am content with not being like any other person on this earth, but I dream of the day I find people I can truly identify with, facing the same problems with the same outlook on life–see here, when you’re different, it’s sometimes hard to navigate life because no one else is tackling the conflicts you’re tackling.

Anyway, since there are six topics: writing, photography, film making, music, baking, and art; I’m interested in participating in writing, music, and art, because those are the things I do most of my life. I’ve been writing a lot of short stories and recently won NaNoWriMo 2015–I did an allegory for Islamophobia (literary fiction). I have been playing violin and piano for a long time, and drawing is one of my lifelong hobbies.

I’m thinking of doing things that encompass more than one topic. For example, maybe an illustrated short story or a graphic novel (writing and art).



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