Why I’m not a big fan of autumn

Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox–the first day of autumn. A lot of people are enjoying this because it’s a shift from the too-hot summer to the cozy gold and red colors of autumn.

But not I.

First of all, I do like when it gets a little cooler, because then I can go outside without worrying about how cooked up the weather is. Also, I like it because then I can start drinking bubbling-hot soup without having anyone throw weird looks at me. Not that I actually mind when they do, of course, but I can get to enjoy soup with other people during autumn. Soup is one of those things I enjoy year round. I grew up with it; a lot of Filipinos like it because it’s a good way to stretch a meal in the Philippines, since it’s sometimes known as a third-world country (I say developing country. It’s picking up a lot and it’s not like every single person is extremely poor) where food is a bit more expensive. One of my fondest memories of soup is Nanay cooking sinigang, tinola, or pochero during a summer heatwave.


Well, back to the point of autumn. I also love Halloween and Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo, all of which happen in autumn. I love the autumn fruits, like apples and pumpkins.

There are things that I really don’t like about it, and those do override the things I like about it. For example, I have asthma and allergies (they frequently overlap). The only time I don’t really get asthma is during summer. Autumn is the start of my allergies and asthma. I am allergic to a lot of things. Allergic to all the local California trees, allergic to all the local California grasses, allergic to cat and dog dander, allergic to dust. I don’t like when the window’s open in the car because I get exposed to pollen and flowers and grass and I start sneezing and the asthma complications come. Autumn, spring, and winter are the seasons that I must take out my inhaler and nebulizer. Autumn’s dry weather, with falling leaves turning brown and red and gold, cause my allergies to act up. My nose runs and it drips down my throat, and I have to do my nebulizer. My eyes water, and I have asthma flare-ups.

So while autumn is the beginning of harvest, deep poetic colors, rain, jumpin’-in-leaves, stews and soups, and holidays, it’s also the beginning of sickness. I am a sickly person, and these are the things I dread about autumn.



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