Can feminists be anti-abortion?

A lot of people I come across say all feminists are in favor of abortion.

And I say that this is not true. You can find many anti-abortion feminist sites and articles on the web. I actually agree with them.

I know feminism is about having a choice. I find many articles in favor of abortion that basically say, “Too much focus is put on the fetus. What about the woman herself? Can’t she make a choice?” Well, personally, I think that we should be able to make choices, so long as they don’t hinder others. Now that the goal of feminism is to help both men and women, and the baby could be either, abortion isn’t going to help the baby.

Now, I know there are females who choose abortion because they cannot sufficiently care for the baby. They may be teens still in school, fully grown women in poverty, or mothers who feel that they’ve had enough kids. As for getting pregnant, they coulda gotten raped or had unprotected sex on a drunken night.

I don’t think choosing abortion exercises women’s rights. I think it shows issues that hinder women. It is much easier to kill the baby–seems like a quick and easy fix, but it’s only that. Abortion won’t solve much. While there are a few women who chose abortion and are happy with it, there are a lot of women who experience grief and post-abortion stress syndrome. Abortion will not teach other males and females to be responsible during sex or to be responsible parents. And isn’t that what we really need?

What I think is a better solution is to address the things that drive women to abort. It’s like preventive medication and vaccines. You make sure an illness won’t happen when you get vaccinated. In this case, the vaccine is better sex education–encourage teens not to have premarital sex, and if they do, use protection. (I don’t believe in having sex until you’re married due to religion.) Don’t do drugs just to get high because they can addle your mind and lead you to having sex. Don’t do porn either, since many offenders have committed crimes because they watched porn. Take care of yourself, because having a baby is a big responsibility that you’re likely not gonna be able to handle. If teens don’t learn this, they can make irresponsible choices and then the females will end up pregnant.

We also need support for people expecting a baby. Sometimes birth parents can ask: “Well, what do I do? Do I stop going to school–or to work–to support my baby?” We can work with employers and schools to ensure more resources to help parents, such as child care, maternity (and paternity!) leave, flexible schooling. BTW, If people want to give up the baby for adoption, that’s actually free, while abortion has a cost.

What about the kids that are already suffering, the hungry orphans, the homeless who stay homeless? The kids that get passed from foster parents to foster parents who don’t really genuinely care about the kids and they’re just doing this to get money? What about the guys who came as a result of rape? Let’s reach out to them, and make sure that some willing foster parents are actually willing to care for a kid, not just the money. Build centers for the homeless and suffering. As for babies conceived through rape, some say that those are exceptions and the babies should be aborted. But that is mean to the people who were conceived through rape and stayed alive. Those guys have a right to live. It would be weird and mean to abort your baby because you got raped–as if it were the baby’s fault.

I’m not saying women who have aborted should go to jail. I don’t think they should. Like I said, they are usually forced to choose abortion and they can’t care for the baby. Some of the pro-life websites I see say that rapists should face extremely harsh punishments, like the death penalty. Feel the buuuuuuuuurn. While I feel that they should be held accountable, I do not feel they should get such harsh punishments. I’m not sure punishments that harsh will make them into better people; they could probably be traumatized by all of it (this goes for women rapists too). I would rather that there be more responsible, healthy people who have learned their lesson and will not do it again.



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