The Chocolate Book tag

Yes, I’m not really a book blogger, but this did look particularly tantalizing…anyway, I got the idea here.

Dark chocolate: a book that covers a dark topic

The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey. It puts a twist on the classic zombie apocalypse problem. Here, zombies are not referred to as zombies, but as hungries–hungry for human flesh. The book is not just about getting through the zombie apocalypse(well, it doesn’t really get solved on page, but the main character Melanie finds a solution); it’s also about love and friendship and such complexities that result from trying to make it out alive.

White chocolate: your favorite lighthearted, humorous read

Pygmalion, eh? Higgins’s character is so immature that it’s actually funny and not so much scorned.

Milk chocolate: a book with a lot of hype that you’re dying to read

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I’m starting to read it, but I only got on the first page and I’ll have to return it (library book) because I’m actually leaving for the Philippines for three weeks. (I may or may not have Internet, so this might be a potential hiatus starting Wednesday.) Anyway, the photographs intrigued me, especially the girl with a tiara who doesn’t have her feet on the ground.

Chocolate with a caramel center: a book that makes you feel all gooey in the middle while you read it

Not book, but a series. The WondLa series. I really like that this is a futuristic series, but it’s not about “lazy spoiled dudes got too much TV and Internet and now we’re back to the bare necessities”. It’s a bit like The Girl With All the Gifts, but the WondLa series is a bit more settled down and the former is more thriller. Eva Nine is a girl conceived in vitro and also lives in a base like Melanie. The base is underground, though, and she is raised by an intelligent robot named Muthr (it’s an acronym for something that I forgot) who uses programs to prepare and educate Eva Nine about the Earth that’s above the base. There’s also an attack that sets Eva Nine prematurely free from the base, just like what happens in The Girl With All the Gifts, and Eva, like Melanie, finds out that the outside world is totally different from what she’s learned.

Wafer free kit-kat: A book that has surprised you lately

Anna Karenina. Kids, don’t read this unless you are already teens. I’m reading the Pevear-Volokhonsky translation (because Leo Tolstoy originally wrote it in Russian), which they say is the best translation. For a book written in the 19th century, I’m surprised that the prose was similar to how people would talk in modern times. It was quite easy to follow even though there are so many conflicts because of how it was written.

Snickers: a book you are going nuts about

Anna Karenina again.

Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows: a book you would turn for a comfort read

The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes. I bought it before I started watching BBC Sherlock, but BBC Sherlock is comfort television, and it’s pretty close to book-canon despite Molly Hooper and the modern twist, so therefore the books are comfort read. 😛 I’m not saying that is just based on pure automatic logic–I do actually read the books because it’s just relaxing.

I tag two blogs. (I think that’s too few, but the blogger I got it from didn’t tag anyone and put it as up for grabs, so I’ll nominate two because I kinda wanna nominate people).

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