Learn to Code By Coding For Nonprofits

Jon Negroni

learn to code

I don’t usually talk about coding on this site, but I know a lot of you readers skew younger (between 13 and 21). And it’s pretty obvious that learning to write code will eventually become as essential as Algebra (if it isn’t already).

But doing the actual learning can be a real challenge for most people. I’ve dabbled in code for years, but it’s never truly connected with me as a skill I feel proficient in. This is why I’m recommending Free Code Camp to anyone curious.

Free Code Camp is a pretty simple set up. You learn how to do code for free, and the practice courses you take are used for actual, real-life nonprofits who really need it. For obvious reasons, I absolutely love this business model. Plus, it appears to be easy for nonprofits to partner up with the program.

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