What I did for Valentine’s Day without a Valentine

Yes. I have no Valentine. I’m single.

That might have been panic-worthy or embarrassing for people with no Valentines, but I wasn’t one of them.

For me, Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be romantic. Kids pass out candy at school to their friends and classmates (which might include their crushes, but they also give candy to people they don’t have a crush on) and that’s not romantic. I look at Valentine’s Day as a day for all kinds of love, romantic and nonromantic.

When I was about eleven, I cut out hearts from pink and red paper and wrote something good about each of my friends on each paper heart.

Something along the lines of what I did write (name has been changed to protect privacy):

Dear Person,

You are a great friend and awesome violinist. You also have really adorable chubby cheeks!


I couldn’t get over those cute chubby cheeks back then. I still can’t get over them now. BTW, the receiver had a special place in her heart for unicorns.

Dear People,

You guys are good at cello and great at drawing! Happy V-Day.


Another example above. This paper heart letter was for two people, because they were twins. They were very similar (even though they were polar opposites in many ways) and were together everywhere they went, so I didn’t know what to write for each of them in separate Valentines, but I realize that not all sets of twins would like to be grouped together as one unit and want their own identities. Sorry guys!

Here is what I did not write:

Dear Person,

I really like you and have taken an interest in you for quite a while. I guess I should ask you now. Will you be my Valentine, please? ❤


I did the same thing yesterday and Friday–paper hearts, each with a custom message for each person recognizing the good in them, and nothin’ romantic. (I’m not saying Valentine’s Day must not be romantic. I understand that there are a lot of people who do have Valentines to spend the day with, and it would be mean to put them down. I was looking at some stuff on the Internet–tips to celebrate V-Day if you don’t have a Valentine–and some of the tips weren’t very nice. Anti-Valentine’s Day party? I guess that’s probably a joke, but still. )

I think this was pretty successful–there’s still a bit of that V-Day nostalgia, but in a more platonic way. What do you think?


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