I’m sorry.

I just noticed, now, that the Imagination Igloo has actually been through a lot of switching themes and the look and feel.

I’m really sorry about that, if it gets on your nerves or it makes it harder to navigate the blog. The reason I didn’t notice earlier is that, more often, I go to my dashboard (if you don’t know what it is, think of it as a behind-the-scenes set and toolkit for the blog) than to the actual Imagination Igloo, to write my posts and stuff. I also check out the themes (basic templates for how the blog can look), and preview them and screw around with them. Unfortunately, it seems that my computer sometimes glitches and after I’m done previewing, it actually applies the changes to the Imagination Igloo. And when I publish a post, the whole blog loads with the new post, but my computer is a bit slow at loading it.

I didn’t mean for that. I apologize.



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