Er…just something I wrote off the top of my head, with a quick nod to the New Year

The blazing spheres of fire–well, fire was the closest to it; it was not lava or something of volcano-kind; it was another substance entirely exotic–rained down on the earth. The intricate technology built by the humans in an attempt to bring cultures closer slowly broke into a million pieces. One minute everyone’s glasses of holiday beverage were toasted to the New Year; the next minute the glasses were up in the sky, with the spheres of that exotic substance cultivating inside them. The glasses had  slowly gotten bigger, disintegrated into a shimmering sky of shards, and darted at each creature’s head on earth, slicing everyone in half. Boiling blood had risen up and combined with the substance-spheres.  Now, as the blazing spheres of the exotic substance shot down on the earth, they burned the blood-less remains of the creatures, and what remained on earth were peaceful green land patches, with the tanzanite blue seas slowly creeping up onto them and gently covering the continents up. Soon the earth was a big tanzanite blue ball, with no evidence that anyone had lived here or that there had even been a disaster. A young she-spirit–a female spirit slowly ascended from the tanzanite ball. The Earth Cleanse was complete.




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