A continuation of the previous post + new signature

If you wanna see the previous post, look here.

The she-spirit, named Hypatia, sighed. She was to follow the Order of Valda, the she-spirit inhabiting the Sun and thus the Supreme She-Spirit of the Eightfold Cosmic Realm. According to one of the rules in the extensive Order, the she-spirits could do anything with the planets they inhabited as long as they didn’t let them go to waste. And Hypatia had clearly broken that rule. She was the most creative out of her fellow she-spirits. She had made miniature he-spirits and she-spirits to live on her Earth, which she called humans, as well as some other creatures. These humans had slowly taken advantage of Hypatia (unknowingly; they did not know of Hypatia or the Order of Valda or anything like that. They did know of the Eightfold Cosmic Realm, but they called it the Solar System) and the Earth. Slowly but surely, the humans, seeking power and trying to make life easier in the wrong ways, corrupted the Earth, polluting and stripping it of its natural resources. It had taken a toll on Hypatia, who wasn’t in the best shape.

So that’s really all I have for now; sorry!

Anyways, take a look at my new signature (and yes, it’s my handwriting):





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