I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award again

Thank you to Fantasy Angel and Z for nominating me for the Liebster Award! (well, kind of, Z didn’t really nominate me; she said that anyone who wanted it could take it) nominating me for the Liebster Award! I have been nominated before; this is my second time, so at first I thought it was cheating but then she told me, no, she has been nominated before too and several other blogs have been nominated as well.

Anyways, the rules seem to have changed a bit. The first time I accepted the Liebster Award, the rules were: follow the person (blog) who nominated you, answer the ten questions asked by the nominator, create ten of your own questions, and then nominate ten worthy bloggers that have less than two hundred followers to pass on the award. But this time, instead of ten questions, there are eleven, there is no mention of following the blogger who nominated you, and you must nominate five worthy bloggers.

Enough rambling for now. It’s time to answer the eleven questions brought on by my nominator! (These are mostly book-oriented, because she is a bookworm.)

Which fictional character are you most like? Thorin Oakenshield, from The Hobbit. Also, this is just some more info, but I took the Buzzfeed Harry Potter character quiz and on the first take I got Neville Longbottom, the second take I got Hermione Granger, and the third take I got the late Fred Weasley.

What is your favorite book cover? Hmm…let’s see…I don’t have favorites. But once, I picked up a children’s book called Colman which is part of a trilogy by the late Monica Furlong and the artwork was absolutely rich and ornate. It really caught my eye.

What is your favorite book? The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Who are your top three authors? I don’t know, quite frankly.

Which five books would you take to a desert island? If this desert island is an uncharted island in the middle of the shimmering yet unpromising waters, I would just take any five books about survival and how to get out quick. If this desert island is a resort with a hotel and stuff, I would bring an enchanted diary that would write back to me whenever I write in it, a sketchbook, a logic puzzle book, the collection of the Father Brown short stories, and finally A Tale of Two Cities.

What is your favorite childhood book? This will be book series again for me. I liked reading the Ramona Quimby series.

What do you like most and what do you like least about book blogging? I’m sorry, but I have never blogged about books, so this won’t apply to me. But I’ll still try to answer this in my own way. I have seen loads of book blogging–I’m talking about the fangirls on Tumblr; that’s still blogging about books, right?–and they’re all, Twilight sucks, Harry Potter and PJO rule, and people who don’t read are stupid. Can’t we all just get along with books? And instead of pushing away non-bookworms, invite them and guide them into the wonderful world of reading.

When was the last time you cried reading a book? I actually don’t look very emotional when I read. On the inside, it’s the opposite. The last time I felt like crying when reading a book was two weeks ago.

Why and when did you decide to start your blog? September 6, 2013. In elementary school my teachers noted how good my writing was, and when I told my friends much later, they told me I should start a blog. The Imagination Igloo’s blog platform was originally Blogger (the blogging platform that Google offers–this is different from Google Sites; Blogger, or Blogspot, is meant for more personal blogging, while Google Sites is meant for wikis and websites). I switched to WordPress, the blog platform the Imagination Igloo currently runs on, because WordPress is much more helpful.

Which type of genre is your favorite? I’m assuming that this is book genre. In that case, my favorite book genre is fantasy with a bit of humor and mystery. I don’t like dark murder-type genres (no offense to the people who like them) because my imagination gets too wild and then I see the villainous antagonist in my room.

What is your favorite book turned movie? My favorite books, unfortunately, have not had movie adaptations because they’re not that popular. But I do like the Harry Potter movies because they are close to the books.

Now, for Z’s questions.

Can you play any instruments? Violin and piano.

Anyone for a bowl of spinach? Sure! Does it come with artichokes, eggplants, and garlic?

Popcorn and if so, sweet/salty? The best of both worlds for me. I know this really good popcorn. Some popped-kernels are caramel, some are cheese. Yum!

Sherlock? Doctor Who? You likey? Ugh…sorry guys, but I’ve never watched those shows! I do know about the Doctor Who/Barty Crouch Jr. thing.

Sum up your blogging experience in one sentence? A year and two months have passed; and this blog doesn’t seem to gain as many followers as some others I’ve noticed–:(–but that’s all right, and I’ve grown a lot in writing.

If you learnt how to ride a bike, initially did you have stabilisers? (If you learned how to ride a bike, initially did you have stabilizers?) Yes.

What’s your opinion on fairy lights? I would love to put up fairy lights–Christmas string lights–in my room just like the hipsters do! I love those hipster rooms.

Ear phones or head phones? Head phones.

Favourite beverage? (Favorite beverage?) Abuelita. It’s Mexican hot chocolate.

What’s your favorite time of the day? Night, but I don’t like when the shops close.

So, just like Z, I will not nominate anyone. This award will be up for grabs and up to you–not to me. Currently designing my own Liebster badge right now. I’ll post it once I get it done and update this post.


Here ya go. Feel free to grab this badge too. Quite large, actually, but you can resize it.



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