Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day Thanksgiving in America! (No offense, but I don’t really like to use the word Turkey Day. As we speak, the great master bird of feasts is getting over-hyped during Thanksgiving, so people started calling it Turkey Day. But there are vegetarians who celebrate this–I’m not a vegetarian–and what about the true ideas of Thanksgiving?) I’m with my family right now, and unfortunately we’re not eating turkey because everyone got the turkeys. We’re not eating chicken either, but we do have Cajun shrimp and a Filipino recipe called Kare Kare. It is a traditional dish with pork/beef hocks or oxtail, eggplant, and long beans in a peanut sauce. YUM!! (And the recipe varies from family to family, because I recently found out that Filipino dishes don’t really have an exact recipe. They are cooking techniques unique to the Philippines.)

Untitled (1)
Let me know in the comments! Even if you’re not American, I’m pretty sure there are lots of things to be thankful for. I am thankful for mistakes, imagination, writing, and the Internet. (I know this is an odd combination, haha!)

Also, happy first birthday to Frozen! The movie first aired on Thanksgiving, although I didn’t see it on Thanksgiving.


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