My imagination’s back!

It seems that my imagination has taken a lengthy hiatus.

I mean, I’ve been posting here in the Imagination Igloo, but I didn’t really take time to write something truly out of my imagination. It just wasn’t there. And as I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, I felt extremely frustrated.

But now, THE BEAR HAS AWOKEN FROM HIBERNATION! My imagination is like a bear. It hibernated for a long time, but now I find ample inspiration to draw and write in every single little mundane object (well, maybe not mundane, because I have found most inspiration from jewelry that my uncle got from Italy). It’s spring for my imagination now.

I discovered that I have a good head for fanfiction. Go to and see me, shapealunarworld, to see my stories! (Already have one finished, current one is a work in progress.)


2 thoughts on “My imagination’s back!

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