Daily Prompt: Autumn Leaves (The Daily Post)

Autumn is on its way here in the Northern Hemisphere, and summer is closing doors. (Although we did experience a triple-digit heat wave quite recently where I live. Always happens in September. I think summer procrastinates and then when it–or she, I guess–realizes that autumn’s coming soon, she crams in the heat.) The leaves haven’t been changing to the golden hues yet, and it hasn’t really gotten colder, as I said before–it’s still hot, but I do look forward to autumn going into swing. Why? Because then it paves the way for winter. Do I love winter! It doesn’t snow in Southern California, but it still gets cold, and I love bundling up and eating hot soups and stews and music! (Winter also contains Christmas. That’s actually my favorite holiday; sorry to everyone that doesn’t celebrate Christmas!)

Wait, wait, wait. I was talking about autumn, wasn’t I? I’m a little bummed out that the weather will need getting used to, and that my allergies will also come into the picture now, but I am fascinated with the leaves turning golden-red–well, I know that the leaves are getting stripped of their green chlorophyll, however I do like the idea of getting rid of something in such a graceful manner. Pumpkins and apples and autumn fruits emerge, and I love the sweet aroma that candles and pies and Starbucks beverages bring whenever they’ve got pumpkin or apple.

Hurry up, autumn. It’s way too hot here.


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