Harry Potter names are ORIGINAL AND COOL!

So I saw this article somewhere on the Internet (I’m not going to give the link to the article because I forgot where it was and I want to keep the Imagination Igloo safe from bad words) that said Harry Potter names are stupid and that Twilight names are much better, because the article supported Twilight.

I haven’t read Twilight, and I’m not one to criticize other people’s imaginations (because the series came out of Stephanie Meyer’s imagination), but I disagree as a fan of Harry Potter.

First on the list of “stupid” HP names is Hermione. According to this list, Hermione sounds lame and weird and “whiny”. I’m fine with it if you don’t like it, but there’s more to the name than it looks. It is the female version of the name Hermes. So if Hermes, the messenger of the Greek gods, was a girl, then he would be Hermione.

Next, there’s Hermione’s husband Ron. Well, the list says Ronald, and that the name Ronald is creepy because of McDonalds. I don’t think J.K. Rowling named Ron after that fast food restaurant because McDonalds is not even a wizarding restaurant.

Then the last of the Golden Trio is none other than Harry Potter. The list says Harry sounds like “hairy” and Potter sounds like “potty”, thus Hairy Potty. Do you mean to say that all potters (as in working with clay) are toilets?

Fourth on the list is Luna. That’s my name.

Fifth on the list accounts for all the other uncommon names the author finds weird. Slughorn, Quirinus, Severus. They’re wizarding names! Of course they will be different. And Snape is not a loser; he is a dynamic, complicated guy. He was given a hard life that no one would want to live. The first thing he said to Harry basically meant, “I bitterly regret Lily’s death.”

Afterwards, there’s Hagrid. This name is an Old English word describing a person that has had a bad night, just like Rubeus Hagrid. I feel sorry for him.

Then there’s Sirius. Sirius Black wasn’t named after an expression. Sirius is a constellation.

The list also picks on the name Hogwarts, and says, who would want to name a school after warts on hogs? J.K. Rowling didn’t name Hogwarts after that; she named it after a plant called hogwort.

Besides criticizing Hogwarts, the list criticizes the late Headmaster of the school that no one will forget. Dumbledore, because it has the word “dumb” in it. Dumbledore is also an old term for “bumblebee”. I like it.

Close to the end of the list is Draco. The list is right; Draco is Latin for “dragon”, but what’s wrong with dragons?

The penultimate name on that list is Marvolo, which is also a wizarding name, and Voldemort used this name to find more about his wizarding heritage. I know he was the Darkest wizard in the world, but he did give Harry Potter popularity, right?

Last on the list is Weasley. What’s wrong with weasels? Weasels are cool, just like dragons!

I understand that this may not change the Twilight fan’s opinion. And this rant is just probably born out of my Potterhead instincts. But I don’t like when people put down others. I bet it hurt the people who happened to be named Draco or Hermione or Ronald or Harry, etc. Because it did hurt my feelings when it denounced Luna as a loony weird name!



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