Little Saturdalia: Scribble

I was surfing the web one day, and I found this really cool pen called Scribble.

You scan an object, like an orange or an apple or a drawing model dummy or the color of your fiance(é)’s magical eyes that have an indescribable color (that is, if it won’t interfere with vision, because the pen uses really bright LED lights), and set the doodler pen to work. This is good for artists and the pen also comes as a stylus for the matching drawing app of the same name.

The Scribble pen and Scribble stylus are expected to be released on the 21st of this month (July), but they sure are pricey. I would go for the Scribble stylus because it’s much cheaper, and the Scribble app is completely free, although that Scribble pen that works like a marking pen looks REALLY COOL. But it’s $149! I hope it will get cheaper so I can splurge on one.


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