The power of Photoshop

Photoshop is good for making artwork online, and not go through all the trouble of TAKING a picture of the art. (However, some people take a picture of their sketch and edit that photo on Photoshop.) While Photoshop is pricey, there are loads of things you can do with it. Even it only has one purpose: to enhance photos. To edit them and make them look good.

Well, it can also edit the PERSON inside. The victim of this often does strange and horrifying things to make himself/herself (usually a herself, but I’m not trying to be sexist here) look good like the skinny, bronze-skinned, busted-up model (who was Photoshopped) in the bikini on the front cover of the latest Vogue issue.

[Let’s just say the victim is a girl named Indie, to save all the trouble, okay? 🙂 No offense if your name is Indie.]

Indie wants to be skinny like the model, so she goes on a horrible food-stripped diet. The problem with that is that she will look like the Jews and Roman Catholics locked up in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. They were Nazi concentration camps, who had it racist-hard on the poor Jews and Roman Catholics by starving them and shaving off their heads and sometimes bringing on the gas chambers. Now it won’t be so pretty anymore. And she will have to be hospitalized.

Indie wants to have bigger boobs, so she does some stupid so-called boob improving exercises. That’s part of her intensive exercise routine, which I told you has been food-free.

Indie wants her sickly pale skin to be tanned, so she makes herself look as much as an adult and sneaks out of the house to go to a tanning booth. When she comes out, her skin is the hue of a tomato.

See what I mean?

These days, natural beauty is less and less appreciated. Many guys only see the girl for what they look like, not for what they are. There are some guys who do see girls for what they are, but still.

So instead of pointing out the bad things about yourself, point out the good things. And also, use Photoshop wisely if you have enough money to buy it.


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