Little Saturdalia: Cave paintings

Who the heck knew?

So, I was skimming the Internet because I had nothing better to do, when suddenly this popped up.

God, it shocked my brain out!

Cave paintings were more accurate than some of the well-known artists. I wish we knew the cave painter’s names, but I don’t suppose they had names. Take that, Leonardo da Vinci!

People note me for my observation skills, and I like to say that they’re ninja enhanced. I am also known for my artistic skills. I should seriously travel back in time to the Paleolithic era to test them against a cave painter’s. And to think that their only inspiration was being hungry! Now, artists don’t care whether they’re accurate or not. The camera can do that, one of my friends (who is an artist) says, unless you specialize in photorealism. Art nowadays is a freedom of expression. Artists have explored their imaginations, such as making pretend appliqué, or painting macabre scenes using their own BLOOD. Hmmm…


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