Building a Blogging Habit: Day 13, The Serial Killer (part 2)

Before reading this, I suggest reading this.


Many times, the Seismicwavers would quarrel so much that sometimes, quarreling would be all that we’d ever do in science, instead of working. I’m not going to publish all the transcripts of those fights; they were more than I can count on all my fingers, toes, eyes, ears, arms, nostrils, eyelashes, and body parts. We did have some really good working days, but most were bad days. The Seismicwavers’ work was frequently interrupted with earthquakes of an argument. I tried to be a good co-leader, I really did. So did Tempo. I tried to listen to everyone’s ideas and sort through the landfill of arguments like Tendai and Rita and Kuda (from the Ear, the Eye, and the Arm).

Well, my group and I pulled through using lots of glue, strong tape, and wacky mediums. But when it came time to test our earthquake-resistant building, the base-isolator fell off.

And a flash flood came on. Mostly from a tear-stomped Tempo. I tried not to cry. I tried being optimistic.

It took months until this flash flood was totally cleared. The things that I lost during that time were tears, stress, and words I shouldn’t have said in arguments (I once said, “Do you like Hitler?” I should not have said that). It was only the end of the school year that the Seismicwavers found something good.


Wax: Ugh, the earthquake project was a nightmare.

Luna: Do you think we did well?

Tempo: We did okay. Yeah.

Wax: We could have done BETTER. Tempo here was being a dictator. We got a dictator here! At least Luna was cooperative. She listened, she tried to incorporate our ideas. And YOU, Tempo? Hah! You would keep other’s ideas out by FORCE!!!!

Tempo: I accept that. But you? You just wouldn’t listen. You kept messing the darn thing up.

Luna: You know what? This was a lesson for all of us, and we’ll experience this when we become adults. I think the reason we didn’t do as well as we expected is that we didn’t understand each other. So we put false labels on everyone. People felt like they weren’t heard.

Wax: I’m sorry.

Tempo: Well, I don’t want to talk about this. It’s still a sensitive topic for me. You and Wax brought it up.

Luna: I didn’t bring it up! But it’s the end of the school year. It’s time to reconcile, isn’t it?

Tempo and Wax: True.


It was a rainbow. It wasn’t that visible, but we could all see it.


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