Building a Blogging Habit: Day 6, A Character-Building Experience

In The Book Thief, Liesel Meminger’s story is told from the perspective of Death, a wise and thoughtful male character whose job is to harvest souls. If he got paid for his job, I’m sure he would’ve gotten a huge raise during genocides and fatal accidents.

So I created Life, a counterpart to Death and narrator of Bohemia Aquex’s story (which you’ll find in previous posts. However, not all posts surrounding Bohemia’s story are narrated by Life, but I’m working on the story using Figment). Life is female (because the gender counterpart to a male is a female), with a glossy shoulder-length, reddish white-gold hair styled in fishtail braids. A smashing array of flowers of all kinds, worn as a headband, tops Life’s hair.

Hardships, mystery, tears, and intrigue stain Life’s clothes, even if they don’t look like stains. When you’re near Life, you sense a big hodgepodge, a melting pot of sadness, mystery, anger, and exhilaration that somehow get put together without the awkward use of Elmer’s glue. Her clothes (a pantsuit, because Life is always running all over the Earth) are white with subtle tie-dye splashes of color here and there.


The classic whine deflect:

Girl: It’s not fair!

Mom: Life isn’t fair.

True. Because Life can be a bit spoiled at times. She’s not so mellow-tempered and thoughtful as Death ironically is (in the Book Thief). Her eyes are bold and daring. They tell you she’s not a perfect character.

But there are times she can graciously give away a brown paper package tied up with string to wide-eyed kids, or conjure up a miracle like Elsa can create an ice castle. Usually Life sows souls as she wanders; Life keeps souls in her silken silver pouch slung over her shoulder. When a soul is sown, a baby is born.

Yes, Life isn’t able to maintain her grace all the time. But she’s the jeweler who carves facets out of our personalities, out of our journeys on Earth.


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