Building a Blogging Habit: Day 5, Be Brief

On my daily hike to the Imagination Igloo, a gust of wind blows a wrinkled letter into the wild prairie grass; the letter slightly brushing my shoes. I pick it up, the letter handwritten, handwritten in a graceful cursive.. “Dear Luna,” it reads. “I have picked you to work as a spy for me, writing about all the people you spy on. These people you’ll spy on will come from a world deep in your imagination. First character up will be Bohemia Aquex and her story of life in her underground Antarctic tribe. Signed, Life and Death.” It’s addressed to me! At that, I feel something in my brain open itself up, as if my brain dipped itself into a sun-bleached spring.

When I get to the Imagination Igloo, the first thing I do is step into my antique time machine. I don’t know who Life and Death is/are, but for all I know, I immediately see a nine year old girl in my mind with eyes the color of acai-blueberry juice, wearing a thin dress in the middle of a barren wilderness of ice. Her name is Bohemia Aquex.


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