Building a Blogging Habit: Day 4, The Serial Killer (part 1)

For me, it’s hard to write about a loss loss on the Internet because the Imagination Igloo has its door open for anyone to come visit, and the losses I’ve been through involve things that I would not like strangers to read about. Not that they’re too heartbreaking for me, but they’re just too personal for the Internet. Luckily, I don’t have to write about them.

I was in sixth grade, and we were studying earthquakes in science. We had to tackle a major group project: building earthquake-proof building models. There were three groups of eight, each led by two co-leaders. The two co-leaders had  to pick the people in their group, and I was a co-leader.

The other co-leader, whom we’ll refer to as Tempo, was a sensitive guy who got stressed out a lot and really pushed himself to the limits that he couldn’t handle. While Tempo was a high-achieving academic person, he lacked the skills to solve problems.

The other group members formed an awkward community; there were differences that formed clear brick walls between them. Those brick walls kept each group member from understanding one another. I knew that some people wanted to build bridges instead of walls, but they could not stop the brick
walls from rising. I’ll also mention that one of our group members was an outsider that had behavior problems and would often be alone with no one. I’m going to refer to him as Wax. Don’t ask me why Tempo and I chose Wax to be in our group. We didn’t choose him; we got stuck with him.

The first day was supposed to be devoted to planning and blueprinting, before we let our hands reek of Popsicle sticks and wood glue. More like arguing for us, who bickered all the way to deciding just what our group should be called. Eventually we landed on the Seismicwavers.

But before the seismic wavers:

Luna: Listen up, everyone! Wax! Pay attention! Order in the court!

Tempo: Come on, people! Everybody! Guys! Shush!

Group member: Listen up! LISTEN! LISTEN!!!!!!

To be continued…


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