Branding, Growth, and Traffic Challenge Day 5

If you’ve been following me since January, you might remember that when I was in the Zero to Hero Challenge (Blogging 101) on Day 29, I published a post considering an editorial calendar, like a certain post on a certain day. I spent a loooooooooooong time thinking about it. I really didn’t know how to go about it.

Until Michelle W. at the Daily Post came along and suggested that maybe statistics and logic can help. Conduct a stats analysis to help you create an editorial calendar.

So here are some of the things I noticed:

  • Wednesday gets the most views more than any other day. Saturday comes in second, with Monday in third. Thursday comes next, before Friday, which is before Tuesday. Sunday gets the least views.
  • One of my posts concerning a Venn Diagram of the fashion-modeling industry and eating disorders got the most likes out of all my posts. (seventeen likes), with the PicMonkey tutorial trailing behind.
  • My static page also got the most likes out of all my pages. (seventeen likes as well)

With this information in mind, I think I will write posts on critical, debatable, controversial issues on Wednesday, because people seem to like those a lot. Then on Saturday, I will post tutorials on fun and cool things. I’ll call the Wednesday posts Watchful Wednesdays and Saturday posts Little Saturdalia.

I realize that Wednesday might not be a good day to post for me, because I have many activities on that day. So I’ll post on Mondays and call them Mindful Mondays.


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