Branding, Growth, and Traffic Challenge Day 3

So now I’m moving along quite well onto Day 3! Day 3’s task is a continuation of developing our brands. We must now audit the look of our blogs to project exactly what this blog is about, and who we are. Since Easter is around the corner, and I always make sure the look of my blog corresponds to events, I made my background a fun turquoise Aztec-tribal print pattern and designed this header:


PicMonkey Collage (1)

The reason I drastically changed my header is that, over at the Commons, a private forum blog open only to the participants of Blogging 201, a fellow WordPress blogger known as Sanchia who blogs at True East pointed out that my header was confusing to read because of its typographic style:

the igloog

So, for the convenience of you guys, I have redesigned my header using PicMonkey (which you can learn how in this tutorial).



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