Branding, Growth, and Traffic Challenge Day 1

Yay!! First task of Blogging 201, otherwise known as Branding, Growth, and Traffic. The first task is to write down three goals: what do I want to achieve with my blog? Ditto to the Daily Post: writing down goals really makes one think about his/her personal moral definition of success. The Daily Post crew also asked us questions to help us with these goals.

  1. Why do you blog? I certainly don’t blog just to be an Internet sensation–after all, I personally think that if I did that, my blog posts would not at all be very interesting because I’m only after the stardom. Stardom comes in its own way. I blog because the Imagination Igloo is like a diary–only I can always change the look, there is no limit to how many entries I can write, and besides staying in the steel confines of my own thoughts, I can exchange my thoughts with others, and become a more refined and interesting person. I also want to self-publish my writings–my writings will be more pure and spontaneous.
  2. If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like? I would have a hundred followers. I’d be able to access my blog and post on my blog even when I’m not connected to the Internet–heck, I wouldn’t even need to use an electronic device to access my blog! Readers and I can access my blog with their minds, and I can write posts with my mind too. (I’m not sure this answer would suffice in helping me think about goals–it’s science fiction. We’d have to switch over to the big wide complicated world of science, which we will have enough time for some other day. But it’s still a cool thought.) The comments section would be a forum for all the crazy, weird, interesting, logical, and imaginative people to exchange ideas and share their interesting views. (That would include me.)

Now for the goals! (explanation included)

  • Stick with the same WordPress theme (I’m using Illustratr as of April 15, 2014) for two months, so that readers do not have to adjust to the look and how to navigate around the Imagination Igloo to get to my posts, since I like to use a static homepage.
  • Establish a weekly feature–a day for certain things that I talk about, like the Daily Post’s Community Pool on Sundays and continue this for two months and see how I like it.
  • Look at my followers’ blogs and follow one fourth of them by the end of April.

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