St. Patrick’s Day tips

st patricks day tips

  • Wear green! You can also wear sky blue, since that is the original color associated with St. Patrick. (Who knew?)
  • Do not pinch anyone who doesn’t wear green, especially if they are wearing sky blue (see above). They might not have even heard of St. Patrick’s Day, and pinching isn’t that very nice. Anyway, the pinched spot won’t turn green.
  • Fold origami shamrocks if you’re an origami lover or you can give them to an origami lover you know.
  • Search for four-leaf clovers with your friends/family.
  • If it happens to be raining on St. Patrick’s Day, take a picture of any rainbow you see after it clears up.
  • Dress up as a leprechaun.
  • Bake cookies! These can be in the shape of shamrocks (a classic idea), leprechauns, or giant gold coins from the pot at the end of the rainbow.
  • Eat Irish food: potatoes, shepherd pie, etc.
  • If you are American, know that other countries recognize St. Patrick’s Day more as a religious holiday than just a day of leprechauns, green, and all that. That’s just to let you know; it’s not really a tip.
  • Learn about St. Patrick.

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