Daily Prompt: Brilliant Disguise (The Daily Post)

I was probably around ten when this happened. I was eating lunch at school–I remember this was a burger and garlic fries from the cafeteria. Then suddenly one of my classmates (let’s just refer to him as B) ran up to me.

“Ah! I know you,” B said. “Can you hold this for me?” I was going to take custody of B’s blue lunchbox.

“Sure. Will I give it back to you?” I asked B. “But wait, why do I need to watch it?”

Yes, at some point I would give it back to B, and it turned out that B was running from someone and needed a trustworthy person to hold his lunchbox so he wouldn’t drop it. Do not ever give the lunchbox to anyone else but me; if anyone tries to get it from you, it’s a scam, B said. I continued to chow a garlic fry and was about to reach for another garlic fry when one of B’s friends (let’s refer to him as J) came along. “I’m here for the lunchbox. B said I could take it and give it to him.”

“But he said not to give it to anyone else but him!” I objected. Eventually J convinced me into giving it to him. Moments after I’d given the blue lunchbox to J, B returned: “Okay, can I have my lunchbox back?”

“I gave it to J because he talked me into it and according to him, you sent J to retrieve your lunchbox.”


“I’m sorry, B,” I told him. “But I think you can easily get it from J.”

Three burger bites, two garlic fries, and a sip of milk later, B and his accomplices, including J, appeared, B holding his lunchbox. “This was a joke,” he explained.

“Ohhhh,” I said. “Well, I take things really literally.”

“So do I,” said B. We all burst out laughing.

It was just like an Off Their Rockers episode. I was the “just another person” and B and J were the actors who staged it all. Conclusion: humorous experience for me.


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