For the cat-lovers in February

As I was browsing through the comments in the February Hot List in News, there were people saying something along the lines of, “Let’s make March a cat month! Let’s write a post about cats!” because they were kind of bummed out that there were more posts about dogs than cats. So even though I am allergic to cat dander, power to the cats. After all, my attribute is a cat!

catsThis cat is so cute. So, in order for the cat-lovers to rise, we must publish at least two posts about cats, in any kind of format, on any day in March. I’ve demonstrated what you should do in this post.

Tag your posts lunacooler and cats, or cat so other people can easily find you. And don’t be confined to the cats like the cute one above. Think CATS!!! Which are also lions, tigers, panthers, pumas, etc. My favorite kind of cat is a serval.


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