Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing (The Daily Post)

Long time no post, eh? I’ve been writing up a storm of drafts, always keeping them as drafts; never publishing them. But the Zero to Hero Challenge that the Daily Post hosted in January has taught me: drafts are awesome. Drafts are purveyors of awesomeness, because ’twill be a time that those drafts will get published, one by one, and I don’t have to keep thinking, What shall I write today? BTW, happy belated V-day. More on that later.

I am not in my dream job right now. My dream job currently does not exist. After all, my dream job is to be a parallel universe traveler. A more realistic job would be a National Geographic journalist, but I have asthma and get sick often, and I don’t want to catch some rare disease from some native Antarctic tribes living deep underground (so let’s make that an undiscovered disease, because this is Antarctica–all the more reason), where light comes from the ground and the sky is a soft ceiling of sun-cut alexandrite grass. This setting sounds so aromatic and relaxing, but I’d rather get arrested than get sick, because I know that my record will be cleared after the dust settles. See, I am optimistic!

At first, I wanted to be a time traveler. But you can never travel to the future because there might be some difference you make that influences the world–MAJORLY, and now you’re the next Steve Jobs, but you haven’t gotten around to that in your life yet, so when you travel to the future, it will only be a look at how it turns out according to what’s happening right now in the present. You can’t travel to the past either, because then you might say, “HEY! MR. PRESIDENT! JOHN WILKES BOOTH IS GONNA KILL YOU! LOOK OUT!” and alter history. What will become of all the history books? And what if you meet your grandfather as an eight year old whose immunity system is much weaker and less healthier (or Hitler before he hated the Jews) and accidentally killed him? If you killed Hitler, that would be nice, but it sure would cause a lot of complications when you travel back to the present. Which is traveling to the future if you’re traveling from the past.

I think parallel universes are much easier to contemplate. Dead grandfather theories are paradoxes. Paradoxes are very hard to digest, don’t ya think?


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