Valentine’s Day tips

  • If you want to be unique, don’t get married on Valentine’s Day. And don’t propose to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day either. A study shows that a lot more people get engaged on Christmas than Valentine’s Day, but the numbers are still a lot.
  • While it is traditional, you don’t have to buy roses for your significant other. Chances are he or she will just be as pleased if you prepare tulips or hibiscus or another flower. Bonus points if you get flowers from your garden.
  • Valentine’s Day is overly commercialized, just like the other holidays we stupid humans have made it into. Try cutting back on buying mass greeting cards or mass candy boxes. If you make and sell mass greeting cards, make a new design for V-Day.
  • There are thousands of creatures who do not feel loved. They feel like they don’t exist. When you see a homeless person, give them some alms. Or if you don’t see any coming your way, donate to a charity. And if you see animals that look they’re lost, post up a paper on a pole. If you recognize the animal from a Lost Pet paper, return it to the owner.
  • In addition, there are many spoiled stuck-ups who couldn’t care less about a homeless whatever-that-is, they would probably think of as. Know someone who fits this description? Make a donation in his/her name.
  • When cooking up a meal, make sure to put love and care in what you’re doing, because it will also be eaten by other people. You can even serve a breakfast-in-bed for your loved one.
  • Pick up trash or do some community service–after all, this is love for the earth.
  • For single females of all ages and sizes: true love is not wandering around in a fragrant palace flower garden when suddenly a perfect Prince Charming emerges from out of the blue, and you get married in an ornate Cinderella ceremony. If you’re married, you probably know this already, even if your hubby looks like a Prince Charming. When you really love someone, it doesn’t matter what they look like anyway. Besides, love comes in all different forms: sibling love, motherly love, fatherly love, etc. The movie Frozen taught girls a good example of that at the ending.
  • Knit knockers–bra knockers, not door knockers–in the shape of hearts for women who suffered breast cancer. Knitted knockers work better than other kinds of knockers.
  • For the nerdy researcher: research love and what it does to the brain.
  • Wear red, pink, purple, or white. For males: don’t feel embarrassed to wear pink. Many males have embraced pink, and they’re not gay. As we speak, pink is becoming a color for both genders.

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