What Amy Glass forgot

In case you don’t know who Amy Glass is, look her up. She is a writer-blogger on Thought Catalog who has posted very controversial posts.

Yesterday one of my followers (and I follow her blog too) posted her thoughts on a post by Amy Glass. According to Glass’s post, she looks down on married women who have kids because marriage and having kids are partly responsible for the stereotypes placed on women and men. Housework and “real work” will never be equal, and women should explore the world, have a great job, etc. Married women who have kids like to talk about the difficulties of managing a household to make up for their lack of accomplishments, while men don’t talk about that because their brains aren’t built to think that housework is important. Glass claims that having babies and getting married aren’t real accomplishments. Being promoted for a highly coveted job, traveling to Andromeda, etc. are.

But the thing Glass misses is that having babies as opposed to traveling to Andromeda is comparing apples to oranges. You can both have kids and travel to Andromeda in your life, because you can eat apples and oranges in your life too (unless you are allergic to apples or oranges, but that’s not the main point). Same with housework and “real work”. They’re like apples and oranges, but we still treat apples and oranges equally. We may treat them differently, but that’s because they have recognizable differences. But we don’t value one type of fruit over another. Also, what of stay-home dads? There might be more stay-home moms than stay-home dads, but there are plenty of both.

Glass complains that getting married and having kids is too common. There’s a reason for that. If we didn’t get married and have kids, we would go extinct, and how do you think Harriet Tubman, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, and Martin Luther King existed? This is how all the great people who influence the world in big ways exist. How do you think you exist, Amy Glass? Even if you don’t know your mother (and I doubt if you do), you still exist, and you are on this planet, sparking controversy. Think of all the kids who might be crying right now, because they think that they’re blocking their parents from crossing the road to success. Also, if you can’t do simple jobs at home, then what reason do you have to be promoted for big job? When I was growing up, that was what my own mom told me. I didn’t like doing housework, but I learned that they are building blocks. What if there aren’t any available big jobs (due to the poor economy at this minute) and you get a job at Gap folding clothes? Folding clothes is part of housework. And what if you can’t even fold clothes? Then you’re broke. Housework comes in building blocks to get you ready for “real work”.

As for men, the reason they might not sing of the difficulties of household management, even if they do help their wives run the houses or are stay-home dads, has to do with psychology. As males in general advance in age, they begin to talk less, and males aren’t known for chatting up storms. Men just might not be comfortable talking about personal things as women are. Because the tales of household management woes are personal tales.

This is a very, very slim chance, but I am considering the fact that Amy Glass is secretly a clone. However, someone must have taken care of her, and anyways you don’t conjure up clones from nothing. If she is a clone, then her DNA should have come from someone who has mother who gave birth to her.

I’m not a mom, but I have a mom, and I am absolutely appalled by Amy Glass’s logic. I’m not surprised that her controversial posts have been featured on the news, and that she hasn’t dared to reveal herself. If the boot fits, wear it.


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