A Google Doodle

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everybody!

For those who are thinking, “Who the heck is that guy in the Google Doodle with the tuxedo and mustache?”, well, that’s Martin Luther King. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, he grew up in a place where most white people said, “Ew, look. It’s a Negro! Let’s evacuate right now!” Either that or they would spray water from a hose into black people’s faces and other faces they considered to be “colored”.

So King decided to do something about it, once and for all. He and other people of his race wanted peaceful diversity among blacks, whites, mestizos, Asians, you name it. While some people who didn’t like diversity did see his point, others didn’t like that so much. So one racist who really didn’t like MLK going around and stirring up all this trouble tried to put a stop to it with a gun and shot him.

While everyone mourned, the police arrested the shooter, (I’m not gonna say his name), and threw him into jail. The shooter is not alive anymore, but I don’t think he’s in heaven right now…just saying. At least his siblings are.


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