I got nominated for a Liebster Award! The Story Continues

Let drop the curtain!

For now we must reveal the ten lucky nominees of the Liebster Award in no particular order, and I can tell you that I do not prefer any of these blogs over another. I said, LET DROP THE CURTAIN!

1. Little Miss Macky
2. Visions and Dreams
3. Notes by Natalie
4. Nature’s Reflection
5. From One Crazy Life To Another
6. mint
8. Young Writers Annonymous
9. Victoria.K.Gallagher
10. Tauroney ART

Okay, enough with the formal talk. Here are my ten questions for you nominees, and please be very detailed; please don’t give few-words answers:

1. Are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner?
2. Since you are alive, what do you think is the reason that you were born? (Now don’t say something like, “My parents wanted to have kids, so they did their business and it worked.” I mean, what do you think you were born to do? To be the next Malala Yousafzai? Or a member of a team that finds a new planet similar to Earth that supports all our needs to live?)
3. Do you believe in magic? If so, tell why others should too.
4. A genie grants you one wish only. What do you wish for?
5. What special features do you have that make you unique?
6. Why are you a really great person? If you have very low self confidence, now is the time to boost it up.
7. Are you right-brained (creative) or left-brained (logical)?
8. If you could be any other being than yourself, what would you be?
9. Where is the best place to spend the holidays or vacation?
10. How would you solve problems?

NOTE: For some reason the links don’t appear. I’m trying to figure this out, so hang in there!

The links now show up! Congrats to our nominees. If you don’t see your blog up there and you know you have less than two hundred followers, I apologize, but I had to pick ten blogs only! There is a chance that some nominees will accept this award and nominate you. 


11 thoughts on “I got nominated for a Liebster Award! The Story Continues

  1. Oh my goodness thank you for nominating me. As for your links, what I do is I type the name of the sight, highlight it, click the add link button(looks kinda like a figure 8..) and then put in their URL there. I hope that helps with your link issue!


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