Did we forget about the boys?

For a number of years now, we’ve been trying to help girls find their voices in society, and make both genders equal. Due to all this media (yo, fashion magazines, you gotta take notes this instant or else) it’s not really working, but if it was It would be a Pyrrhic victory. We’ve taught girls that pants are not just for men and that they don’t have to be damsels in distress. But we haven’t said boys could do the jobs meant for girls, well, we’re not shouting that all over the place. Without thinking about it, we’re being sexist. By doing what we’re doing we’re saying, “Hey girl, you are very sensitive and shy and you know you wanna do it so we have here some kind words to help you be the person you always wanna be. Hey boy, pink is only for girls so ha-ha in your face and we don’t think that will hurt your feelings ’cause you can stand insults so much that if we was to say that you was a disgusting cockroach you could just laugh as if you was readin’ an RD joke.”

Actually, it could hurt a boy’s feelings, but chances are the boy won’t say it aloud. It’s not just the girls who suffer, it’s the boys who are suffering too–for a really loooong time. Boys have started to wear pink too. Once I saw a boy wearing a pink shirt. It read something about how the shirt used to be red but it got mixed in with the white clothes, so pink isn’t just for girls. At a later date, I saw a boy wearing pink pajama pants. Being very naive and nosy, I asked him, “Why are you wearing pink pajama pants?”

“‘Cause pink is manly.”

“Ohhh, yeah, I forgot,” I admitted, remembering the pink shirt.

We’ve put girls first in many ways for longer than we’ve realized. Do you remember the saying–ladies first? Also, if a girl looks so much like a boy but she’s not transgender, she’s just a tomboy, her true friends won’t abandon her–well, not usually. On the other hand, if a boy wears a skirt and the setting is not in Ireland or Scotland, his friends will usually call him sissy, unless his friends happen to be Irish or Scottish.

When I was watching the news on TV, the stupid announcer said something along the lines of, “NEWS FLASH! A boy is seen wearing pink ballet flats! NEWSBREAKER! Where are the parents telling him not to wear pink ballet flats?” Um, excuse me, announcer, but that news is like, sooooo totally mediocre! (in Valley girl accent). Being someone who believes in equality, and someone who has a hot temper, if you don’t stop rambling on and on about how a boy wears pink ballet flats, I am gonna hit you in the face with a ballet flat so as to mess up your best Urban Decay smokey eye. That was what I was thinking when the announcer said that. Oh, well, that’s the MEDIA. C’mon, media, git with the program! There are too many people standing up for girls, and you’re not doing any good. Instead, you’re going to blast off pictures of a boy wearing pink ballet flats!

The reason this didn’t get to us quicker is that girls will reveal their broken hearts. That’s the nature of girls; they’re usually more social and friendly, and more versatile with colors too. But boys will only keep their feelings cooped up, and they usually resort to black, silver, and blue. They don’t usually don’t know how to mend their broken friendships, or how to get a girl to like them. More often it’s in the classic reads by deceased authors that show boys, like lovesick Tom Sawyer, trying to impress innocent and fair girls like Becky Thatcher or Amy Lawrence, trying to “propose” to them. (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is hilarious.)  


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