Digging deeper than skin-deep blogging

@lunacooler, that’s all part of blogging, too — it’s so much more than just posting!

That couldn’t be closer to the truth. Blogging isn’t plainly about posting; it’s also about learning from others and helping others get on their feet, and relating to others’ experiences too. This quote was made by one of the WordPress staff–Michelle. Today I was on the forum thread chatting up a storm about the Zero to Hero Challenge: Day 8, and it was hard. Lately I’ve been just giving suggestions and advice. Yesterday, I said something about PicMonkey for the header and background. BOOM! Soon people started saying things about how they use PicMonkey for their header and background, and others learned about using PicMonkey.

But today was different. I had to give my About Luna page a full makeover–the works!–like they do in the show What Not to Wear. The Daily Post told me, “Lazy Luna, wake up! You do not know everything. In your face!” Of course I don’t know everything. Whoever said I did? Today was a learning experience. Others learn from you; you learn from others.


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