Zero to Hero: Day 1, Introducing Myself (again)

Let’s pretend that this blog is totally new, and I just entered the WordPress community.

My name is Luna Estelle Glace Cooler. Glace, with an acute accent over the E. Translated literally, my name would be Moon Star Ice Cooler. And this is my Internet realm, built in the shape of an igloo. But this igloo isn’t just any igloo for Inuits to live in. Its name is the Imagination Igloo, and it’s called an igloog, an igloo blog. I write almost about anything in here, from anorexic models to transcripts of cosmic conversations, from remote islands that are supposed to be map mistakes to gatherings of the years. This could all be a creative story journal, naturally. But I’d rather blog any day than write a journal, because I keep thousands of half-filled journals. When I see a cool new journal, I grab for it and start writing in it. With blogs, you can change the look of them without having to sacrifice your content. Also, I feel more inspired to blog than journal, because I can follow other blogs and be inspired by them. Love and respect the nonexistent Sandy Island as I do, my blog isn’t a remote Sandy Island where magical beings flourish, as with the case of a journal. This blog is part of a community, that draws closer and closer o’er the years. I have a voice in here. I look up to Anne Frank, but I don’t have to wait all that time until Miep Gies and Otto Frank decide to publish my journal. While I can live, I have a voice within my blog that reaches out to everyone.

If we use the old time machine I won from an Antiques Roadshow auction to fastforward to the end of 2014 and the crack-of-2015, I hope to see my blogging skills in partnership with the retired Dutch East India Company. I hope to see salt, pepper, cinnamon, oregano, nutmeg, chicory, anise, and fennel on my blogging skills by 2015. That’s why I’m using the Zero to Hero Challenge from the Daily Post, because to me it is like a little spice shop open during January for me to go and buy some spices for my blog.


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