The meaning of the Imagination Igloo blog icon

So, as I was showing a friend my blog (she’s asking not to reveal her name for privacy reasons), she noticed the blue flower icon at the left of the tab. “I thought this is an igloo,” she pointed out.

“It’s a blog, but yes, it’s an igloo,” I replied.

“So what is that blue flower doing there?”

I explained that this was for two reasons. On the Imagination Igloo’s homepage, I tell you most plainly that in the wonderful world of blogging, anything can happen, such as the existence of inert ice cubes that will not melt. If anything can happen, then either blue flowers with creamy butter yellow centers can certainly grow where the Imagination Igloo is located, or the Imagination Igloo can flourish in a place where blue flowers with creamy butter yellow centers grow. The second reason symbolizes the Imagination Igloo as a blue flower. Your likes, follows, views, etc. fertilize the ground on which the blue flower grows on, and my posts, pages, and imagination water this flower. This flower is of the made up species luna caerulea floris. (I’m not a gardening expert here, nor a Latin grammarian here, so please bear with me.) Thank you for doing this. Liking, following, and reading.


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