2013’s bucket list almost completed

2013 year in review

I think that all the things that we’ve done and all the big events that happened in 2013 are the fulfillment of 2013’s bucket list. You see, maybe a few of the things 2013 wrote on his/her (how am I supposed to know the gender?) bucket list was:

  • Bring Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s baby Prince George into the world
  • Birth Kim Kardashian’s baby North West “Nori”
  • Convince Luna Estelle Glace Cooler to start a blog using Blogger, and then get her to transfer it to WordPress
  • Make Pope Benedict resign
  • Crown Roman Catholic cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis, the first pope from the Americas in the Southern Hemisphere and the first Jesuit pope
  • Stir up Typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Typhoon Yolanda, in the Philippines
  • Carry Talia Joy Castellano to heaven
  • Coincide the second night of Chanukah with Thanksgiving

They’ve been checked off, but there are still more events to come. This is what I imagine. Every New Year’s Eve, the year that is about to pass tells the future year to prepare a bucket list before New Year’s Day; while we prepare resolutions, the new year prepares a bucket list. The spirits of the old, old and passed years, including the ones from the times of the dinosaurs, all gather around a star (usually the Sun or the black hole Sagittarius, the center of the Milky Way) along with the future New Year. They discuss their memories and tips for living as a Year.

2014 (future year): So how do I go about with my future life as a year?

2012: There is one thing you must always remember. It’s like a marathon. In the beginning, the runners start off at turbo speed, but as they run the marathon, they slowly find their pace. Keep it like that, or else you’d never find your pace.

1973: Every year has its own unique pace, with a unique distribution of notes of mystery, excitement, happiness, controversy, and sadness. Like music. Your pace, 2014, will not be my pace. I went about my life with bellbottom jeans and colorful clothing. I think your pace will involve skinny jeans and iPads.

2013: My pace was filled with words and phrases such as “YOLO” and “baby bump” and “twerking” and “selfie” to name a few.

1 B.C.: What in the world does “YOLO” and “twerking” mean?

2013: “YOLO” means “you only live once”, but you really wouldn’t want to know what “twerking” means. I tell you, society is MESSED UP.

221 B.C.: My life was filled with the tyranny of Qin Shihuangdi. Yuck.

1900 B.C.: And mine involved chocolate revolution in Mesoamerica!


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