Merry Christmas in the Imagination igloo!

Merry Christmas Greetings from the Imagination Igloo here in California!!!

Sooooo…you’re probably wondering, why hasn’t the Igloo been cooking up tasty new imagined things yet? Good question. Well, for Christmas Eve I went to Diamond Resorts in Palm Springs with my family. Something was wrong with the internet connection there.

Speaking of Palm Springs, I went to the Living Desert Zoo. Here are a few pictures.



There I saw a desert creature presentation at the zoo’s ampitheatre. One of the zookeepers was presenting a HAWK…and as I was holding up the iPad to videotape it suddenly the bird flew right past me to another zookeeper behind me, and I could feel the soft feathered wing on my hand!

Today I left Diamond Resorts at Palm Springs to stay at my relatives’ residence in El Centro, a quiet little city down in Southern California.  That’s why I am able to keep you posted on Christmas Day.

Luna: Siri?

Siri: Yes?

luna: Do you believe in Santa?

Siri: I’m going to pretend you didn’t ask that. I don’t want you to get a lump of coal this year.


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