How to make an AWESOME blog header (without Photoshop!)

You might have seen News’s post “What a Difference a Header Makes! Three Theme Transformations” and looked at all the nice blog headers that belong to the blogs Chef in Disguise, BKLYN Locavore, and the Modage Cottage. These headers have helped in instantly transforming the feel of the blogs, which pretty much use themes that I often see as big heaps of code and CSS. Unfortunately, didn’t do a very good job in explaining how Saswan, Melissa Brody, and Kristin Kaylor made these headers. After reading it, I still had a lot of questions. How did they make it look more like a picture and not a photo? How do I use Subtle Patterns and Squidfingers Patterns? They must have used Photoshop, eh? But I don’t have no time for learnin’ software and downloading Photoshop! 

So here we go. Go to and click on “Create a collage”. You are now faced with a blank square with lots of boxes to put in photos, and the default dimensions are 2000 by 2000. Click on the tiny gridlock at the bottom to unlock the dimensions, and type in the dimensions you want for your header. Now click the Edit button at the top, and click OK. After that, you’ll have a chance to edit this blank little shape with overlays, text, etc.

Yay! You now have an awesome blog header just like all those blogs that look like they’ve been run by graphic designers! 


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