The Girl Who Hated Books

I like how the visuals are so simply drawn but they have meaning.
1. How can someone who HATES books know how to read?
2. Why did Meena hate books before that?
3. If her parents were absolute bookworms, why didn’t Meena inherit their bookwormity?
4. It looks like Meena is in fifth grade or middle school. I guess, during those years, she is probably more interested in boys and crushes and lockers and cell phones. And friends. Like Anne Frank. When you go to school, there are books you HAVE to read. Why did the narrator say Meena would not EVER open a book?


3 thoughts on “The Girl Who Hated Books

    1. That would be true. Lots of teenagers are scared of being seen with parents, so all the more reason to fear doing things that parents do. But I think Meena hated books because they were in the way. Look how many books there are in her house! If there were fewer, she might have appreciated them earlier. She was probably taking them for granted.


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