A recipe for making cupcakes

“Making cupcakes? Everyone knows how to make cupcakes.” Well, there are some that don’t. We are not talking about this:

No. Have you heard of the 3-2-1 microwave cake? Well, if you haven’t, now is the time to find out. 


  • angel food cake mix
  • another cake mix of your choice
  • milk


  • measuring spoons
  • a large yogurt tin
  • a microwave

Make it
Empty the cake mixes into the large yogurt tin. Make sure the yogurt tin is not something like a Yoplait mini cup; this should be similar to a bucket-sized cup that would hold plain yogurt. (Who wants to eat plain yogurt by itself?) We are transferring the cake mixes into the yogurt tin to combine them and store the unused leftover cake mix for later. Next, put three tablespoons of cake mix into a mug. Put two tablespoons of milk into the mug and mix well, until there is no dry powdery mix. Microwave for one minute.




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