Daily Prompt: Hear No Evil (The Daily Post)

Yes, there was a conversation, but I didn’t hear it. My mom’s phone was on, and when I picked it up the screen was full of texts. Apparently my mom was texting my uncle, and one of his texts was something along the lines of, “Went home after an hour of being insulted at K’s house.” (I am using only letters as names to protect privacy. They are not initials.) 

The following shows the conversation. I don’t exactly remember because it was a long time ago, but the conversation is more or less the same as the real text messages. 

Mom: That’s terrible! Who is K to criticize you?

Uncle: I was being criticized for my looks and how I’m not a good doctor and all those other things.

Me (not texting): Why did K insult Uncle, Mom?

My mom stared at me. “Give that back to me. This is personal! Don’t ever do that again.”

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so much of an eavesdropper. Part of the reason is that I always seem to hear all the details because my ears can hear well. If it’s a texting conversation, I can usually remember everything because while my eyes are not the best, I do have a photographic memory that photographs useless and trivial things. Like personal conversations. 


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