So I was surfing the web, and I stumbled on the Huffington Post; “Americans Don’t Really Care About Typhoon Haiyan, Study Says”.

I was enraged for two reasons. The first one is that I know LOTS of people who do care. The second one is saying, “REALLY? Wake up and get with the program! Thousands of Filipinos have DIED and are barely getting by, and you’re not doing much? Hurricane Katrina was stronger than Typhoon Haiyan, and you all pitched in, and this was the same with Hurricane Sandy. The Haiti earthquake woke you up and so did the tsunami in Japan. But the Philippines doesn’t wake you up!?”

I’m ranting so angrily right now because MY PARENTS ARE FILIPINO. I have family there. My family is from Manila, which didn’t get hit by Haiyan, but a family friend’s family has. It was random–they looked the typhoon up on CNN, and there was a picture of people carrying corpse bags with names on. In that picture, there were bags containing loved ones. We gave our condolences to the friend.

Well, let’s analyze the reasons above. So for the first one, I said that I know LOTS of people who do care. But wait! I am only one being, and only 14% said they donated, and 17% said they were planning to, and 2% is comprised of people who DON’T want to donate and people who are lost in the excitement. And 67% say they don’t want to donate now. Out of the people who do care, how many are people I know? The Roman Catholic Church shows their concerns, and thank goodness it is the biggest church in the world. But–er…I have to admit I don’t know all the Roman Catholics in the world. The Philippines is highly Roman Catholic, and I am Roman Catholic, but the Philippines is the country that got hit. So I guess the second reason overrides the first.

Okay guys, I challenge you. If you see this blog post, write a blog post that shows YOUR view on all this. Does your view oppose mine? Sure you can write that; my feelings won’t be hurt, because we all think differently anyways. Tag your post lunacooler typhoon, and make sure to include a pingback to this post so others can see it.

Typhoon Haiyan, aka Yolanda in the Philippines, was stronger than Hurricane Katrina by 3.5. And some news shows just treated it as if it were a weather report. REALLY!? This is unbelievable. You news shows would treat a typhoon in the Philippines like a weather report? The fact that we are not as close with the Philippines allows you to do this? We should treat this disaster as a cloud with silver lining; we should take advantage of this to strengthen our bonds with the Philippines.


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